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Hi Jennifer. Thanks for taking a few minutes out your busy day to talk to us.

Maybe you can begin by telling us a little about yourself.
Angry Alien Productions is the DBA (doing business as) name for me, Jennifer Shiman. I'm 37 and based in Los Angeles. I love cartoons and have been drawing them since I was a little kid.

Where did you get the idea for your site?
Well I developed it initially to showcase the online content I had developed.

Do you have other sites? Was/is this your first?
This is my one and only site.

Who does the writing/scripting?
Just me.

Who does the actual creative work?
Yep, me again.

How long does it take for one of your shorts to be made?
They vary, but a bunny short generally takes about one month to make.

How often do you produce new content?
I've been making one bunny short a month for the last two-ish years.

Where do the ideas come from?
That same pocket of the universe where almost every missing sock is found.

Is this your primary job or do you also work elsewhere?
Making bunny shorts has been my primary job for the last few years.

What are your goals for the site?
In the future I'd like to create more of an active user experience without losing ease of use.

How long has it been live?
I started it in 1998, and it continues to evolve.

How long have you used SiteMeter?
At least for the last 5 years.

Are there any sites out there in particular that inspire you?,, and

What is the primary difference from when you first started the site to now?
Really just making a few code changes along to the way to a handful of pages, otherwise the site hasnít really undergone any great changes.

What do you enjoy most about having a web/site?
Reaching a global audience immediately.

What is the biggest challenge you face in running a site like yours?
Not flipping out if the site goes always comes back up!

Are you able to generate revenue?
I generate revenue from sponsorship through making shorts. All merchandise sales and site-based donations go toward paying web hosting costs. I aim to keep the site ad-free.

To people just getting started what piece of advice would you give them?
If you're interested in developing online content, storytelling and character development are crucial skills to learn.

How many people does it require to run your site?
Less than 5.

Have you had any offers from television animation studios or producers as a result of your online work?
Yes! that's how I began to work with Starz Entertainment Group (they've been commissioning additional bunny pieces).

Will we ever see the bunnies competing with Spongebob Squarepants?
No one can compete with Spongebob! But maybe the bunnies will make their own half-hour episodes someday...

What tools do you use to create your shorts (i.e. software apps? for animation, sound, etc?)
For animation, I use Adobe Flash. For sound editing, I use Peak, or Audacity for Mac. I also use Adobe Photoshop. These are the main apps I work with for production.

Thank you again Jennifer for spending some time with us. We appreciate your insights and hope that they'll be of use and interest to all our fellow SiteMeter users.

Best of luck to you and your site and we hope to see the Bunnies on the "Big Screen" one day.

Visit Jennifer's site at
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